Tillman The Skating Bulldog!

Tillman Skating Bulldog

One thing I find amazing is the ability for animals to learn something. Well not that they can learn it but more that they ENJOY it. Just recently I got the pleasure to go out and meet Tillman and his friends. Tillman is a fun loving bulldog that loves to ride a skateboard. Yep that is right a SKATEBOARD.

His spirit was so excited when he saw the skateboard come out for him to ride. He would jump up to try and grab it and then once it was time he would jump on it. Not only does he ride it but he tilts his body from side to side to make it weave back and fourth. He would go till he could not go then turn around sometimes with the assistance with his family and head on back to the other side. The Joy and the spirit of seeing him on the skateboard made me want to go out buy a skateboard and try to ride it. lol.

Tillman was the light of the day. He had the whole audience, including his family, smiling. The joy he brings to others is wonderful. I even caught the family of Tillman with their phones ready to either take pictures or videos of him skating. I enjoyed watching him and took quite a few pictures and videos.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Ron and April who are part of the Tillman family. They were awesomely sweet and kind. They took their time out to talk to anyone who had questions or wanted to talk and did not turn them away.

I came home to my dog and although he does not skateboard he still is one amazing dog to me. My dog sits, stays, lays, stands on two legs, stands on two legs and turns for me. He has one special trick he does that one day I would like to post up since it is not one you normally see animals do on command.

IF you ever get a chance to go and see Tillman, I say go! It is fun to see the joy in this dog’s face as he gets to do something he is passionate about. And to see the family just as passionate about him. Of course you may see me in the crowd taking my passion of photography out there lol.


More pictures to come later but here is one now:

Tillman Skating Bulldog

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