Curiosity of Children

I have to admit. I have a heart for kids. First off they always seem to know how to make you smile. They have such a true heart about them. How many times have you heard a child giggle and loved the sound. I love the curiosity of children. I love that they have yet to get into the world so little things excite them.

I was babysitting a two year old girl. She was holding my hand and we were walking across a campus. All the sudden she stopped. I turned as she let go of my hand and walked into the dirt. There in the dirt was a foot print. Simple and plain. Something most of us would just look over and walk on. We had no clue who it belonged to nor the story behind that footprint. But for her it was something new and exciting. She started to circle around this footprint and then realized she herself was making footprints as well. This delighted her. She started to giggle, jump and walk around in more dirt. While all the time she would look behind her to see if her footprint was there. Then she looked at me and at my shoe. I already knew what she was wondering or wanted me to do. I slowly teased like I was unsure to put my foot down in the dirt. She would comfort me saying it was ok and finally I made my print into the dirt. There it was next to many of hers and this delighted her even more. It is amazing how a child’s mind works and how they find the most special moments in something so simple that I might have missed not looking through the curiosity eyes of hers.

I think what children have to say are priceless. So many times children will say things and I can’t help myself but to laugh. The way their mind works makes me amazed. So I was working at a Child Development Center. (I have a AA in Early Childhood Education) and one of the parents told me this story which to this day is one of my favorites. She decided to take her family out to eat at a fancy restaurant. She said the meal with delicious but she had to tell her young toddler that it is not polite to stare. She turned to see what he was looking at and three big men had walked into the restaurant and were seated at a table nearby. One of the men had tattoos up and down his arms and on his neck. She told her toddler not to stare again and they finished their meal. When it came time to go she got him off his highchair and put him down on the floor. At which point he walked all the way over to the men and said to the one that had tattoos “My mother says you are not allowed to write on yourself.” The mother quickly grabbed up the toddler apologized and went on her way. She said she was so embarrassed but I told her that she should be happy. Her child remembered a rule and just wanted to share it with others.

It is cute how kids want to share things. I was sitting in a movie theater just recently, (Went and saw “The Croods”) When the movie was over me and my friend were sitting watching the credits. I do this one out of respect for those that made the movie and two because it is fun to play an abc game trying to find all the letters before the credits are done and how many times you can do it fully through. As we were sitting there the family behind us said the movie was over to their son and told him to come. For him though, he did not understand why me and my friend were still sitting there. He came over and said in this soft little voice of his, “Excuse me…” me and my friend turned towards him “But the movie is over.” I smiled. How sweet. I know his parents told him that it was over and for him everyone should have gotten up to leave but there we were sitting there. “Thank you so much for letting us know.” I said. He smiled back and went to his family. I smiled at them as well.

One of my favorite stories or maybe it was a joke but I remember reading it in a magazine, (I want to say it was a first or a woman’s day but unsure of which one) was about a little girl. Her grandmother who I am assuming came to babysit had just given her pink lipstick. She was very excited and took off with it. Her grandma went into the other room and waited for the mother to get home. When the mother got home she smelt something funny and went to the kitchen. She went to the microwave and realized that there was something inside it, when she opened it up she found melted pink lipstick. She called her daughter in and asked her why did she put the lipstick in the microwave. To which the young girl responded “Because I wanted hot pink lipstick”


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