Beautifully Scary In A Tiny Wonderland

Bugs, Insects, small critters….ugh. Shiver goes down my back.

How many of you have stopped and screamed, yelled, ran away from a small bug? An insect that just does not please your eye. I will not tell a lie, I am  not really into bugs! Yes I know they help the world and I am grateful. So for me this is how I see it. Bugs, I can handle them as long as they are not on, near, by, around me or anywhere I am! Lol. But then again, I really can not say that is true.

See for me I am not fond of bugs but I am fond of taking pictures of bugs… so then how can bugs not be around me if I want to take pictures. I found I can handle bugs from a safe distance. My Goal is to get that perfect shot to where you feel like you are in the world of bugs.  I often wondered why is it, that when we want to photograph bugs the ones we want like butterflies, lady bugs, dragon flies, etc are never around? No it is always the pincher bugs(which I found out are called earwigs), spiders, beetles, ants, etc that are always around. Even worse is that those are the ones that seem to think your house is perfect for dwelling in. Even though you did not invite these unwanted guests they seem to think you want them to stay there. Why do we not get the butterflies and lady bugs in the homes? I would much rather have a butterfly than a fly or mosquito, wouldn’t you?

Still these insects are necessary to our world. Even if we can not figure out why. I have found that I enjoy getting pictures of insects. For some reason it is like a challenge to get close enough to get a nice picture. So I take on the challenge whenever I can.


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